Sustained Partnership for Institutional Development

The project was designed by State department of U.S which aimed to help both the Nepalese and the US institutions partnership progress, and faculty exchanges for nurturing international partnership and student exchanges with U.S. Institution. Glocal in collaboration with Anurodh Nepal played the role of implementing and facilitating the project. The partnership was carried out between U.S. and Nepali educational institution.

Two U.S. and Nepali institution would be selected and the bilateral collaboration initiated.
The faculty of selected U.S. institution was invited by State Department of US funded project
“Partnership for sustained institutional development” to visit Nepal for the collaboration with
Nepalese College. The visit of U.S. faculty in Nepal was for a week where the officials
acknowledged about the partner’s institutions infrastructure, faculty members, students, market
scenario, government’s perception and support.

The selected two institutions for the partnership were as follows:
1. King’s College, Kathmandu and University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM), USA.
(2+2) model
2. Thames International College, Kathmandu and Webster University, St. Louis (3+1)