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I work for my desire, I live for my dreams!!!

Believe in & challenge yourself and your team is Asish’s philosophy. Asish is an undergraduate student of Business Administration. Being a business enthusiast and practicing entrepreneurship with Glocal Pvt. Ltd. with an objective of filling the gap between education and employability, with the ranges of trainings, engagement and empowerment programs. He have been initiating platforms like Glocal Teen Hero to appreciate, award and recognize teenagers doing something credible in Nepal. He believes it is very vital to appreciate the works, to motivate one and others. Change in someone is very important; exposure is a need for that change. He personally believes in learning from wide variety of people, perspectives and ideas and love to experiment. Having been visited to different programs like SUSI, invited by State Department of US to United States of America and Global Entrepreneurship Summer School at Munich invited by Strascheg Centre of Entrepreneurship in different countries and knowing how people of similar ages are doing exceptionally well because of the exposures they approach to. He tries to create different platforms for exposure and skill enhancement in youths. He focus on the necessity to collaborate. He loves to collaborate with people and initiate changes.