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General Manager

Alina Prajapati, General Manager, Glocal Pvt. Ltd, started the journey with Glocal since its inception. She started working as a journalist for the first venture of Glocal, Glocal Khabar since 2014. Alina’s approach to news is about better news for better society and she is today heading the project Glocal Khabar as Editor.

She is country director of Women in Digital Nepal, a Bangladeshi initiative to empower women in ICT and business as a social enterprise which commenced on March 8, 2017, has created programmers to help women advance by providing access to Digital Platform.


She is the alumni of Common Purpose which is an extensive global network of leadership development programs.


Alina also heads innovative project of Glocal Pvt. Ltd., training division for corporates, schools and college, which Glocal calls as Enhanced Curricular Activities. On her leadership and as expansion of training programs, Glocal has also started Glocal After School (GAS) to bridge the gap between the unskilled perspective employees and corporates by providing skill development training as well as the capacity enhancement for the self-starters.

Entrepreneurship and Self Competent Workshop to 900 teens in Nepal and Partnership for Sustained Institutional Development funded by Department of States, USA, for developing collaborations between US universities and Nepali Colleges for Student, Faculty and Knowledge Exchange are few of the successful projects led by Alina. She believes in hard work, dedication and wise time management to develop herself as all round personality.