Glocal After School- Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

Glocal After School (GAS)

Glocal After School (GAS) is a center for learning of employability skills. Under this, we design various courses and programs that will bridge the gap between prospective employers and employees. We offer skill development courses along with various trainings and workshops. Some of the programs offered here are:

  1. The negotiation Workshop
  2. Digital Marketing training
  3. Future Leaders Program
  4. Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  5. Film Making workshop
  6. Stress Management workshop and so on.

GAS also is focused on ECAs Consultancy.

ECA, as per Glocal, is an abbreviated form of Enhanced Curricular Activities. Under this, we make packages for school and colleges that would help in enhancing student’s capability and help in all-round development. We have been associated with several national and international educational institutions as their ECAs Consultant.

Things we do as an ECA Consultancy:

  1. Interactive Guest Speakers Sessions
  2. Capacity Building Training
  3. Outdoor Workshops
  4. Student Engagement: Clubs System
  5. Student Engagement: Student Government
  6. Student Engagement: Events
  7. Student Engagement: Contests, Grants, and Opportunities
  8. Fellowship/Fun Based Leadership Activities