CEO Unplugged 2018

CEO Unplugged is a yearly event organized by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. comprising series of panel discussion where we try to establish a forum to discuss about contemporary business challenges, opportunities and futuristic view with a sight of experiential learning to the new comers in the business and students. In past years more than 60 CEO have been a speaker for CEO Unplugged with more than 500 enthusiasts coming together for one object “Today meet Tomorrow”

We have been successful in completing three editions of CEO Unplugged, where we had greater dimension embracing the business ecosystem, education, collaboration, startup ecosystems and the grounds of policy.


The event gave students an opportunity to meet the mover and shakers of the different arenas of entrepreneurial world. It would also be an opportunity to commute with future heroes and share their thoughts.


150 enthusiast participated in the program and the following topics this year are as follows:


  1. Generational Change to Family Business: Mapping Young Minds

The panel’s main objective was to mirror the innovative changes that the young minds of the family have brought out in work, careers, family life and family business. The millennial of the panel had Suman Shakya, founder of Smart Paani as the moderator. Abhimanyau Golchha, Director at HH Bajaj; Akhil Gupta, Director of Shanker Group; Satish Pokhrel, Director of Agni Cement; Saurabh Jyoti, Director at Jyoti Group and Siddhant Raj Pandey, CEO of Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. were the panel members.


  1. Business Adaptation: Changing Nepal

The panel had an aim to discuss in the certainty and predictability ruled in the country through the insight of Boomers Leaders tapping the economic development change in Nepal. Discussing on the major bottleneck for Nepal to achieve higher levels of economic growth, Anil Chitrakar, President at Siddhartnic, moderated the panel. Chandra Dhakal, Chairman of IME Group; Joseph Silvanus; CEO at Standard Chartered Bank Nepal; Puneet Varshney, MD at Bottler’s Nepal and DR. Upendra Mahato, Founder of Mahato Group of Industries were the distinguished veteran personalities of the panel.


  1. Application of Knowledge: Challenges in today’s Business

The panel aimed to showcase the challenge that is harnessing the knowledge of simple ideas in the current businesses scenario. These ideas have let a path of coherent and productive way in business. With a sidelined view towards the main aim, Chhaya Sharma, Chairperson at NCTTM; Richard Howard, Country Director at ILO; Sambridhi Gyawali, Executive Director at Nepal Republic Media and Sishir Khanal, CEO at Teach for Nepal were the members on board for the panel, conversed about the need and necessities of the skills in today’s world.  Asish Thakur, the Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. moderated the final panel of the event.