09 May

Workforce diversity can be a boon!

Workforce diversity is defined as ‘variety of differences between people in an organization and that diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more’. As I have been experiencing work culture for more than a year now, I think this simple two word has much to do with the development of one’s professional life which will surely help them excel.

One morning, my colleagues and I were discussing on the upcoming festivals. I remember how our conversation started on festivals and we went on to talk about food, tradition and culture, dresses, ethnicity and so on. The conversations went for an hour and one thing that I got to understand was that despite working in the same organizations, we were very different from each other. To my surprise, our differences were what made us strong as an organization.

There are few reasons to that:

  • First, as we come from diverse backgrounds, it was easier for us to understand people more easily. Our conversations were more conventional and purposeful. Meanwhile, we could relate more to the people with belongingness.
  • Next, communication fostered in our organization. These basic rightful conversations were means for us to be each others support system. As we already knew preferences and priorities, work division was easy for us and it further opened a room for communicating things that we wanted to discuss.
  • Team building and work division were enhanced as well. Our team members who come from diverse backgrounds have their own strengths and abilities. Thus, we tend to eliminate the weakness of one through the strength of another. We divide work as to what we are best at and seek advice from each other to make it better.


Today, workforce diversity is taken as a challenge in many companies throughout the world. Since every human being is different from each other, it is difficult to understand human nature fundamentally too. I would say, flip a coin to the positive side and make this challenge a boost for your organization.



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