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08 Oct

Glocal- The Inception

Nepali market is growing rapidly. Also, Nepali businesses are flourishing with start-up culture building over the last few years. The way people are carrying out business is changing and new approaches have been cultivated for the success.

Over the past three years, we have also been part of this business ecosystem and are constantly evolving with each passing day. We started our journey from Glocal Khabar- an online news portal and today we have extended our works to CSR/ Brand consultation and establishment of a body for production of skilled human resource- Glocal After School (GAS). Also, we have been successfully carrying out various projects like Glocal Teen Hero, Glocal International Teen Conference and much more.

We believe in collaborations and creating synergy. This is what we believe is the key to operations of most of our projects. Obviously, failure constitutes learning lessons for us. Amongst all this, one thing that always remained constant is our commitment to work and improving ourselves with each passing day.

We are now focused on empowerment, education, and development thereby promoting collaboration with business houses in Nepal and National and International agencies.

Not long ago, seeing businesses run in isolation made our vision much clearer. We wanted to work together and as a result, worked to promote Brand and CSR of companies. As we went along the journey, we felt a need to address the issue related to the shortage of skilled human resource. We, thus, established Glocal After School (GAS) that is focused on fostering employability skills to people and generation of skilled human resource. GAS also looks after Enhanced activities (ECAs) in various schools and colleges in Nepal. Similarly, conducting Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference led to creation of platform for all the teenagers thereby, creating opportunities for them as well.

With this we wish to continue our journey in the days to come thereby, building mutual relations and goals.



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